Taxi dancer service

Do you need a partner for tango dancing?

f you need a partner for various tango dancing occasions, I can be your ideal companion.!

Whether you need a partner to enjoy a Tango Festival, attend a Tango-Marathon, take a class, participate in a workshop, etc., I'm here to help you!

My name is Guillermo Brizuela, and I've been a tango dancer and teacher for over 15 years.

I come from the magical city of Buenos Aires and have been residing in Zurich for a few years now.

I'm a tall dancer, ideal for taller women starting from 1.75 meters.
I stand at 1.98 meters with an athletic and slim build.

I can travel anywhere in the world.

So if you're a tall woman and basically need a partner for some tango-related activity anywhere in the world, you can count on me.

Guillermo Brizuela - Taxi dancer service

Phone / WhatsApp:
+41 (0)76 518 81 09

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