Que la mina te sienta

Tango argentino Schule Zürich

Guillermo Brizuela 

Tangolehrer aus Argentinien

Tango argentino Schule in Zürich


It is very common to hear the phrase “to stick our chest out” (meaning to face what comes). Put your chest to bullets, put your chest to life, put your chest to any situation that requires taking charge of what it touches (“to face the music”, “to take the bull by the horns” o “to stand up to something”).
The other option is “arrugar” (slang for chicken out)
Many social dancers have what it takes to be a good dancer, at least from the technical aspect, but they lack that “sticking the chest out“, the fact to embrace the girl towards the his chest so that she can feel it (to feel each other).
That manly attitude, which implies somehow a second invitation, being the first one a nod (Cabeceo) and the embrace. We could say that this is an invitation from the masculine energy to the feminine.
Let’s not forget that all the dances of couples are in some way a kind of courtship, a courtship dance that ends in a union. A yin yang who aspires to be a perfect 50/50.
Pay attention to how any couple dance is danced; salsa, rock and roll, chacarera, zamba, twist, etc. and how each couple ends at the end of the song they are dancing to. That ending is somehow the closure of how it was danced, The final balance.
You only need to see the last 10 seconds of a couple dancing without having seen the rest and you know how the dance went.
That pause before letting the embrace go, the pleasure showing on their faces, the intertwined arms that became part of a single body, tell you that there is a COMMUNION (common union) of two that became one.
Naturally, this does not always occur because it requires an attitude of dedication on the part of each dancer, and that personal and intimate dedication can only flourish when each one feels an inner confidence in him or herself that allows them to surrender to the other to share an experience, in this case a dance that invites you to melt into an embrace.
Feel her and make her feel you in the embrace, that´s the key to it all.
Guillermo Brizuela
Tango argentino in Zürich
(*) Typical expression used by old milongueros to illustrate how to use the tango embrace.

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