Tango argentino Schule Zürich

Guillermo Brizuela 

Tangolehrer aus Argentinien

Tango argentino Schule in Zürich


Tango is not just a dance or a musical genre, it is a reflect of the cultural identity of Argentine people. Its music and dance style are an artistic expression of this culture.

Going to dance to the milonga means basically feeling good, meeting people, anonymous or who you know, but who fraternize in one or several embraces.

As Maestro Rodolfo Dinzel, a great teacher of mine, used to say, Tango carries in its genes the spirit of freedom, fraternity and equality, for this reason it is well liked all over the world, only because in the milonga one feels free, nobody is more than anyone else and where everyone can be themselves and all of this surrounded in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Since tango was born it acquired an own aesthetic, in the attitude, in the movements and of course in the way of dressing.

The man projects a manly appearance with his clothes and the woman shows a feminine appearance.

Why? for many reasons that have to do with its genesis, but one of them is that, since it is an encounter dance, of physical contact in a sustained embrace, there is an element that is often not taken into account, someone is entrusting you their body in an embrace for 3 minutes, something they wouldn’t do in other contexts, even less with a stranger.

The obvious question is: Doesn’t that person deserve your best appearance and attitude? Meaning that you look good, pleasant and attractive, which also makes the other person feel respected and cared for.

So, when the ritual of the embrace takes place, the touch and the feeling on the clothes and the skin produce a pleasant sensation. It is also important to smell good, if this happens, that hug becomes an ecstasy for the senses. Beyond the level of the dance, neither you nor your occasional partner will forget those sensations.

Has it ever happened to you that after a dance you were captivated by the sensations experienced by all your senses? Like a good perfume, the smell of fresh skin, the touch of that suit or dress, the skin of the hand that embraces… You might not remember the dance itself, but you will remember that spell of the senses.

Being well dressed is a show of respect, first to myself, that is, before leaving home, looking good makes me feel good and if I feel good myself, I will make others feel good too. Secondly to show respect to those people who will give themselves into my arms for the period of 3 minutes in each tango.

For that reason alone, you should do your best to show up all dressed up to the milonga, it makes it worth it.

Guillermo Brizuela
Tango argentino Schule in Zürich

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