Guillermo Brizuela 

Tangolehrer aus Argentinien

Tango argentino Schule in Zürich


Tango is not an easy dance; in fact, it is quite challenging. For us Argentines who dance Tango and travel around the world, we notice that in many places, many people attempt to dance Tango, but they aren’t truly dancing. From a technical standpoint, it might be Tango, but it lacks the feeling.

This is often evident (though not always) in Tango shows where the costumes are excellent, the figures are super acrobatic, the choreography is perfectly synchronized, and the staging is worthy of an Oscar, but… it lacks tango.

Although being born and raised in Buenos Aires provides an apparent advantage, it doesn’t mean that if you’re from another country and culture, you cannot dance Tango exceptionally well. In fact, there are excellent dancers in many countries who can rival those from Buenos Aires. Why? Because, at some point, they experienced a revelation that Tango isn’t just about technique, steps, or figures.

It’s about the more subtle nuances found in the “HOW.” These nuances emerge when you start to FEEL the Tango. You feel your partner, the music, and a connection is established—sometimes even a communion.

This is the primary reason why many milongueros and milongueras in Buenos Aires only dance a few tandas and only with specific dancers. Why? Because only with certain tandas of a particular orchestra do you feel that unique connection with that dancer.

Once you unlock the “HOW,” Tango transforms from being merely another ballroom dance into a magical experience.


Guillermo Bizuela
Tango argentino Schule in Zürich


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